How to Get a Phentermine Prescription

Uncategorized / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Many people want to buy phentermine, but a prescription is required.

It is very difficult for many people to actually get a phentermine prescription from their physicians.

I think this is because phentermine is an amphetamine much like speed, and it can be dangerous and addictive.

Especially for the overweight people who may need the pill, the side effects can be dangerous (ie high blood pressure). I understand that some people are responsible and will be careful when taking this drug, but some people are not.

Many people abuse diet pills.

For this reason, it is risky for doctor’s to just hand out phentermine prescriptions.

As a matter of fact, most doctors are wary of any prescription diet pills.

I have actually heard (but have no proof) that doctors malpractice insurance rates go up when they prescribe phentermine.

Doctor’s recommend losing weight by dieting and exercising.

I understand that this is difficult for many people.

However, if you do not change your bad habits and start living a healthy lifestyle, then eventually you will gain back any weight you may lose taking phentermine and other prescription diet pills.

This is another reason why doctors are so reluctant to prescribe this type of drug.

Your best and safest way to obtain a phentermine prescription from your doctor is to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Let them know that you are making every effort to lose weight the healthy way but that it is just not working for you.

Because prescriptions are difficult to get, many people turn to online pharmacies.

A lot of places on the internet may not require a prescription at all.

You should take caution when you buy phentermine without a prescription, you do not know if you are going to get the real deal or not.

Also, you will not have a doctor monitoring your health for you.

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